The European Association of Traditional Japanese Medicine (A.E.M.T.J.) aims to promote exchanges between Japan and European countries in the field of Traditional Japanese Medicine. In order to strengthen these exchanges, A.E.M.T.J. help, organize and participate:

- the arrival of Japanese practitioners and teachers in European countries to participate in training, seminars, conferences, congresses, demonstrations ...

- to move European students and practitioners to Japan to learn from and exchange with their Japanese counterparts

- the dissemination in Europe and the translation of texts and reference works in the field of Traditional Japanese Medicine.

The A.E.M.T.J. continuously develops and enriches its network of practitioners and teachers in Japan and establishes collaborations with prestigious Schools and Universities in Japan.

In Europe, A.E.M.T.J. would like to bring together practitioners and students of Japanese Medicine interested in developing relationships with our Japanese counterparts.